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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  June 22, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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iowa and maryland, california and mississippi, and we will move forward or we will slip back together. we will succeed or we will fail together. and we will rise or fall together. and this is not a matter my friends of wishing or hoping. it's a matter of belief. it's a matter of action. we are americans. and we make our own destiny. and we will not be the first generation to give our children a country of less. and it means that iowa must stand up. it means that maryland must stand up. it means that each of us must stand up. and it only takes one person, and then another, and then another, to stand up and say enough. enough obstruction. enough wasted time. stop selling our country short. let us achieve like americans again. let us lead like americans again. and let us believe in americans again. in ourselves, in our nation, and in one another.
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together we can, together we will, and together we must. thank you, iowa. on to victory. on to november. on to a stronger country for our kids. hanks a lot. [applause] a number of lawmakers took part in the event including ted cruz. he spoke for about 20 minutes.
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>> so welcome to the swamp. the place that combines southern efficiency with northern hospitality. these are extraordinary times in our nation. the threats we're facing in this country are unprecedented. for five years we've been trapped in the great stagnation millions of americans struggling to get jobs, struggling to achieve the american dream. abroad we see our foreign policy collapsing every region of the world is getting more and more dangerous. and america for five in a half years has failed to shake. we're seeing at the same time liberty under assault. we're seeing our constitutional rights under assault like never
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before. what i want to talk to you about today is one aspect of liberty that is imperil like never been and is precious and cherished by every one of us. there is a reason why the very first provision of the bill of rights why the first phrase of the amendment protects religion in america. we were fleeing religious oppression and coming to the land where everyone one can seek out lord almighty with our heart, mind and soul. i've been blessed to defend religious liberty. i was honored to defend the ten commandments on the state capitol ground. we went to the u.s. supreme court and we won 5-4.
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when a federal court appeals struck down the pledge of allegiance because it included one nation under god, we went to the supreme court defending pledge of allegiance and we won unanimous. when a federal court in california struck down the veterans memorial a 70-year-old monument a lone white latent crop to the men and women who gave their lives in world worl, we won 5-4. today, the threats to religious liberty are even greater. i want to talk about them both here and out home and abroad.
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here at home, we have an i.r.s. who is asking citizen groups, tell me what books you're reading. tell me the content of your prayers. they tell you something, federal government has no business asking any american content of our prayers. last year in alaska, an air force chaplain posted on his blog, the phrase there are no atheist in fox hole. he was ordered to take that down. i guess it was deemed inintensive to atheist. i kind of thought it was the job of chaplains to be insensitive
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to atheist. came from a 1954 speech to the american legion given by president dwight d. eisenhower. a man who had some familiarity with the military. in the course of that speech, president eisenhower described the story of the four immortal chaplains, that story arose from the u.s.s. dorchester that world war ii was hit by torpedoes from a german boat as it came around the southern tip of greenland. the dorchester began to think and they realized with horror that there were not enough life jackets aboard for all the men on the ship. there were four chaplains on the dorchester, two who was
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protestant, one catholic and one jewish. each took off their life jacket and gave to another. the origin of that story is that when those chaplains were handing their life vests to another, they didn't ask, are you a protestant, or you a catholic or a jew. they stepped forward and sacrificed their lives to save the life of their brothers. that's the origin the story. that is the american tradition. the idea that our federal government is coming after religious liberty now is just astonish and heart breaking. you look at the intrusions on religious liberty that are represented in obamacare.
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take obamacare. please take obamacare. the u.s. supreme court is considering right the case of hobby lobby. christian owners stood up and said the federal government cannot force them to pay for and provide abortion producing drugs to their employees. the obama administration is litigating against them to try to force them to violate their religious views. there's another case that's even more stark. little sisters of the poor. this is a catholic convent of nuns who taken vows of poverty, they devote their lives for caring for the poor and elderly providing healthcare and the obama administration is litigating against them, trying to collect millions of dollars of fines to force these catholic nuns to pay for abortion
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producing drugs. let me give you a simple rule of thought. if you're litigating against nuns, you have probably done something wrong. then you look at the threats to religious liberty abroad. right now all of us are horrified by watching what's happening in the nation of iraq. as isis a group of radical islamic terrorist so extreme they were thrown out of al qaeda, is systematically taking over more and more that nation. their stated objective is to create and islamic that runs from syria to iraq and then to work to exterminate jordan, israel and ultimately america. the 1990's, there were roughly
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1.2 million christians living in iraq. today there are fewer than 300,000. christians are being persecuted in stunning numbers. they are being stoned. they are being tortured, they are being beheaded, they are being crucified. that's what's happening for people speaking up for their faith. it's not just people from other nations. pastor saheed, he's an american citizen, a resident of idaho, pastor saheed was in his native country of iran building an orphanage when he was sentenced eight years in prison for the crimes of sharing his christian faith.
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his wife and his two little kids live in idaho now. i had an opportunity to sit down with him. he shared a story before this sentence where she and her husband were both captured in iran and threatened in prison and was to be if only you renounce christ, we'll let you go. they both said no. she described how one of the commanding officers captured and all the other army officers to leave. he said tell me about this jesus. as pastor saheed -- while american government negotiates with iran in likelihood iran
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developing nuclear weapon capability that will threaten the national security of both israel and the united states. our president and our government have not been able to secure the release of an and citizen in an iranian prison. i'll tell you something incredible. during the time pastor saheed has been in prison, he has been able to lead dozens of fellow prisons and prison guards to christ. [applause] then you look to another example, the example of merriam. he is someone every american should be speaking out.
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she is a young woman, she's a wife, she's a mother and she is in prison in sudan for the crime of being a christian. merriam has a 20-month-old son, his name is martin. she had the newborn baby daughter, maya. she gave birth to baby maya just a few weeks ago in a sudanese prison. the government of sudan sentenced merriam to 100 lashes and to hang by the neck. for the simple crime of being a
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christian. for all of us our faith is an incredible part of who we are. yet few if any of us in this room ever had faith tested like that. merriam has been told you will be spared this horrific sentence if only you will renounce christ. merriam has told her captors, i cannot and i will not renounce christ. every one of us needs to be lifting merriam up in prayer every bit importantly, we need leadership in america. the president of the united states should stand up and speak on merriam's behalf.
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she is married to an american citizen from new hampshire. merriam's two babies are american citizens and they are languishing in a prison in sudan waiting for their mother to be whipping. we need to speak out. we need to speak with one uniform voice for freedom. we need the president of the united states to say in no uncertain terms, send merriam home. let me say finally two things.
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number one, men and women here, every one of you is a leader. whether you're a pastor, whether you're a rabbi, whether you're a business leader, whether you're a mom. every one of you here is here because you believe in faith and freedom and the principles that have built this country and made this country strong. at no time in our nation's history have we seen the threats to liberty. religious liberty and bill of rights more dire than they are right now. the reason i'm here today more than anything else is to tell each and every one of you, thank you to encourage you. every one of you is here and every one of you in our community has been placed in a place of leadership. that's why you been called to
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leadership to speak out and speak the truth. the last thing i want to shp)e, i want to share a story that my father often tells. many of you have gotten to know my father. he's very shy and soft spoken. he's a pastor from texas who is seen the evils of totalitarian government who speaks out for freedom. this is a story he often tells to salvation but it applies. the story of a tight rope walker. who sets up a tight rope across. he asked the crowd how many of you believe i can walk across the tight rope and back. the crowd cheers. he does it. he says, how many you have believe i can walk across this tight ropq and back pushing a
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wheelbarrow. the crowd cheers and he doesn't. he says, how many of you believe i can walk across this tight rope and back pushing a wheelbarrow with two hundred hundred pounds of bags. the crowd cheers. he said how many of you believe i can walk across this tight rope and back with a man in the wheelbarrow. the crowd cheers and he points to a man in the front row, get in the wheelbarrow. the point obviously is that believing whether in the context of salvation or context in standing for liberty and constitution, believing in not sitting on the sidelines saying, yes, i believe. believing is stepping forward and getting in with your heart and mind and soul putting everything you have.
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believing is getting in the wheelbarrow. that's what you all are doing each and everyday and that is what it is going to take across this nation. awakening and energizing the american people. i believe i'm convinced we are going to pull united states of america back from this precipice. back from the abyss. it is going it take each and everyone of us speaking in our community. getting in the wheelbarrow. i want to say thank you and god bless you. today we work to save the greatest nation in the history of the world. thank you [applause]
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>> more now from the faith and freedom conference from the 2012 president candidate herman cain. he spoke for 15 minutes. >> thank you. thank you for being here. that's one of the great things about being involved. this is why i enjoy coming to this conference. one of the problems that we have in this country is not enough people are involved in the process. politics is no longer a spectator sport. you got to be in the game. that's why you're here today. i want to thank ralph reed and
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his organization for inviting me to be here. i was here last year and the message that i have this year is very similar to the message that i had last year. because a lot of things haven't changed. they've only gotten worse. same message, new facts. allow me to begin with something that may resonate with most of the people in this room. we are trouble on every side, yet not distressed. we are perplexed but not in despair. persecuted but not forsaken.
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cast down but not destroyed. who am i talking about? that sounded like our nation doesn't it? but it was also the words of the apostle paul to the corinthians. they seen this picture before. that's the picture that we are seeing today. just like paul's message was one of don't give up, that's my message to you about what we are facing in this country. you had many great speakers, you will have a lot more speakers who will talk to you about some of the problems. i don't have to remind you of it. i sum up the problems that this
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nation faces through this administration, three words. a crisis of crisises. think about it. it's not just one crisis, there are several crisises that this administration is dealing with and the democrats are dealing with take your pick. there's no such thing as having a favorite crisis. iraq, collaborating with iran.
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obamacare, the veterans administration, the epa a sluggish stalled economy. do any of these elicit good thoughts as i mention the very title? the answer is no. but if that's not bad enough news, i have even worse news for you. those of you who heard me speak, i kind of pull you way down before i pull you way back up. you will be pretty depressed by the time i pull you way back up. the administration also shown that it does not understand the least bit about crisis, management, one. not 101. 101 is uses in most colleges and
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universities. i call it crisis management one. which mean they're not familiar with what a first grader will do in order to solve these crisis. a first grader would approach these problems lot smarter than this administration. not saying that to be insulting, i'm going to tell you the truth. you heard me say that before. when you put all of these crises together, we have not the making of but a failed presidency. that's bad news for the people of the united states of america and it's bad news for us. it is bad news. my first message to you is, stay informed. stay informed. the mainstream media is complicit in the cover up and in
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the denial and in the overlooking of information for the american people. most people don't know we're in as bad a condition we are in. you're not going to hear on the 6:00 news or the 7:00 news that only 58% of registered voters voted in the last presidential election. the mainstream media said a record. what about the 42% that stayed home? i heard people say, well, i don't vote because i don't know what's going on. i say good. stupid people are ruining america, i'm glad some of them stayed home. the solution is real simple
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folks. those of us who informed have got to outvote the stupid people. and you have got to become ambassadors of intelligence. ambassadors of information so number one, stay informed. if you get a chance to a liberal over the weekend. let me give you a couple of compelling statics. i said if. liberals they don't like facts. i enjoy getting into discussions sometimes. all you have to do is come up with some of your favorite facts. let me give you a couple that i talk about on my radio show this morning. the most recent survey has shown after survey over 3000 counties across this country and thousands of consumers for 2013
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up to now, the average increase in health insurance premiums, 49%. coming soon to health insurance premiums near you. that doesn't count what will happen in 2014 on top of that 49%. ask the liberals to try and defend that. it's indefensible. the first thing i encourage you to do is stay informed. let me give you a couple of other things. , because too many people stay home that could vote. every vote counts. i hate it when somebody says to me, my vote doesn't count. back in 2012 in the iowa caucus, some of you remember, because you were involved. mr. romney won over rick
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santorum by eight votes. i could have brought all of my relatives and we would have had more than eight votes. remember the big controversial over florida? bush finally won after six million votes were cast in florida by 537 votes. every vote counts. in 1994, the second congressional district in connecticut was decided by 21 votes. in 1984, in the eighth congressional district of indiana, it was decided by four
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votes. every vote counts. my first message to you is, stay informed. if you get an opportunity to convince people their vote counts, use those stats. when you get into a discussion and people really don't know how bad it is, just tell them it's a crisis a crises. then just start delineating the list. secondly, ralph tells me how much time i have and i always ignore him. i say ralph, when they start throwing tomatoes and onions and at me, i will get off the stage. stay involved. many you work in party politics, that is good. many you have support your favorite candidates. that is a good thing. many of are you involved in the tea parties and the liberals and democrats are trying to make you
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feel ashamed about being in the tea party when you should be proud of the tea party movement in america. tea party is an attitude. let me tell you very simple what the tea party attitude is, less government, less taxes and more individual responsibility and live by the constitution. that's what it is. what's wrong with that? i'm not mad at all. i just get passionate. i encourage you to stay involved. don't be intimidated and not staying involved and taking back our country. thirdly, and finally ralph, stay inspired. liberals want you to believe that we cannot take this country back. the driver that drove me over from heritage where i was doing my radio show remotely, he said,
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what do you think about obamacare? i said it sucks. he said, do you think anything will be done about it? yes. he said what, it's called repeal and replace. they want you to believe that it can't be repealed and replaced. i got to tell you there's a guy tom price from georgia who put a very good solution on the table that most people never heard of. there are solutions out there better than that. that's part of our challenge. which is why we got to focus on november 2014. stay inspired and believe in tomorrow if you stay informed. how many grandparents are in here today? raise your hand. grandparents, i'm one also, we are trying to prepare our
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grandkids. we're helping our kids prepare our grandkids for the future. we got another challenge. we got to make sure there's a future there when they get which. grandparents, young people, conservatives all over this country. we have a dual responsibility. my message to you today is real simple, you got to stay informed. that's why you come to these conferences so you can learn something. you got to stay involved. it's no longer a spectator sport. you got to be in arena. that's why i ran for president the first time. because i was called to run. somebody asked me recently, i get asked this all the time. are you going to run again.
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i remind them that our currency says, in god we trust. it's natural that in god i trust, liberals don't understand that. they go crazy when you refer to the bible or you refer to your faith. i'm going to continue to stand and refer to my faith whenever i get an opportunity. which is why i applaud you for attending the faith and freedom conference in washington d.c. let me leave you with these words. i close up my ipad ralph. i speak at a lot of colleges and universities on purpose. i recently spoke at morehouse
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college. a predominantly black school, they have a morehouse college republican. the young man that is now a graduate of morehouse, he just graduated, he wrote a commentary that i later posted on my website. it was so compelling. he ended that with something that i have been using every since as a reminder about the greatness of this country. that is, america is a place that defeats nightmares with dreams, the american dream. that's the america that we are fighting for folks. stay informed. stay involved and stay inspired
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and stay in the fight to take back our country. thank you very much. >> another speak at the faith and freedom coalition conference was new jersey governor chris christie. this is 20 minutes. >> thank you all for being here. it strikes me that the time
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we're in right now, we have a greater need for people to be telling each other the truth than we've had in almost any time in our country's history. the reason for that is because the challenges that we face are big but solvable. they're solvable if we tell each other the truth. that's what we've been trying to do in new jersey for the last five years. let me acquaint you a little bit what's been going on in my state. when i got into office, i inherited a state that over the last eight years had 115 tax increases at the state level in eight years. had spending that had gone up 56%, had a state that was lagging economically in fact during the decade before i became governor, we had zero private sector job growth in a decade. it was a state that needed to be
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changed. what happened when i got there, the first thing that i inherited was a $2.2 billion budget deficit that had to be fixed within six weeks of taking office. they told me if we didn't fix it and cut spending in the first six weeks, he wouldn't meet payroll. imagine being governor of a state the second wealthiest state in america, not being able to pay payroll. he two choices. i could negotiate with my democratic legislature down the hall or given in the new jersey state constitution, i could go into a room make the cuts necessary and sign a executive order. not involving the legislature at all. those you gotten to know me, if you i think took choice one, you need to leave the room now. we took choice number two.
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i went through the budget and pounded $2.2 billion. i done it sitting any office. i asked for my first joint session speech. they asked what it was about. they asked me before hand a copy of my text. i said no, we don't give copy of texts. no governor, you don't understand, it's tradition to give it to the legislature. i said yes, you can leak it and attack it before i give it. i said i'll pass all on that opportunity. i said to them, this aint vegas and i aint wayne nowton, we do one show a night. that's it. so, i'll give you the 15 second version. i went into the chamber, i said this is your problem, you created it.
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you dumped it on my doorstep at the beginning of this job, i just went into my office, i cut $2.2 billion in spending. you can thank me later and i left. you can imagine reaction the got from the legislature. afterwards, they were outraged. they called me all of these names. julius ceasar, all of these great leaders of the past that i admire so much. the next day, i saw the senate president, steve sweeney who was an iron worker. we were coming through the state house coming in through the same side door. i said i thought about it, what you said really touched me. i'm going to vacate the executive order and send the problem down the hall to you
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guys and you can fix it. this is all you need know about new jersey politics. he said, don't over react. i think you did a pretty good job. no reason to send the problem down the hall for me to fix. i tell you that story because it's about how you establish credibility in leadership by making hard decisions by taking the burden on to yourself and then to stand up for the things that you believe in order to allow yourself to have the credibility you need to lead. it's not just on issues like our fiscal issues where i vetoed income tax increases. where state spending today on discretionary spending is $2.2 billion less than it was seven years ago in new jersey. we capped property taxes.
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we reformed teacher tenure for the first time in a hundred years. gotten merit pay in our worse performing school district and increased charter schools throughout the state to record level. those are all things that have been done in the last 4.5 years with a democratic remember -- legislature. leadership is about figuring out a way to get things done. i absolutely believe people in my state and people across the country are tired of a government that is constantly bickering with each other towards no end. getting nothing done. allowing our country to drift in stalemate with no progress being made towards the things that we need to do to make our country a better place. so, i wake up every morning with a democratic legislature everybody and that means i wake up every morning knowing i'm not
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going to get everything i want. there is a knowing that you're willing to work as hard as as you need to work to get the important things done. people have to know from a principle position where you stand. now, when i started to work for governor in 2009 and met with supporters, potential supporters, they went through that checklist of issues that everybody goes through. they asked me where i stood on the issue of life. i said i'm pro-life. they said to me, you know, there's never been a prolife candidate elected statewide in new jersey since roe v. wade. we don't believe one can be elected. i said i have thought about the issue. this is my position. what edid in the campaign was to speak frankly to people about
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how i believe every life is a gift from god and protected. i knew many of them would consider voting for me disagreed with me. they had a right to know what was in my heart. when you know what's in someone's heart, you have a window into how they will lead. i want to say one other things about issue. i can't say how many times i had people in the media say to me, governor how is it a that republican party can be a national party that wins again when they're words, they're so intolerant on social issues. this is the answer i give them and the way i lead. you know, we have different definitions of intolerance. remember this, names like colin
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powell, condolezza rice all republicans who were pro-choice republicans and have spoken. i spoke to a number of different reporters, name me the one pro-life democrat who ever been able and allowed to speak at a democratic national convention since roe v. wade. don't strain yourself, there's never been one. there's is the party that is intolerant. we should no longer sit around and allow ourçelves to be punching bags when it is the other party and not the republican party that is excluding different ideas on this issue. i was giving a speech in new jersey about an issue that's
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directly connected to me personally on life. that is what we do with the drug problem in america. everyday we have people of every age, of every religion, of every socioeconomic class falling victim to the disease of drug addiction. we have tried now for 40 plus years a war on drugs giving those people nonviolent drug offenders, addicts the although to be -- ability to get the tools they need. i doubt there's any person in this room don't have drug or
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alcohol addiction touch their family, neighbors or friend. we have all seen it. for those who don't agree, that treatment is the way to go for people who are not violent, let me be clear, i'm a former federal prosecutor, i put lots of people in jail over the years violent sociopath drug dealers need to go to prison. i believe you're pro-life as i am, you need to be pro-life for the whole life. you just can't afford to be pro-life when the human being is in the wound. you have to be pro-life after they leave the wounds. sometimes being pro-life is messy. human beings make bad choices. we are flawed. i doubt there's one of us in
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this audience who hasn't made a bad choicer a bad decision in your life. fortunately it didn't lead to a disease that can ruin your life. when we say we're pro-life, we need to be pro-life for the entire life. we need to stand up for the hurt and the wounded. there needs to be a culture of life that pope john paul ii spoke about. frommed wound, we need to be there for those who stumble and fall. to be there to lift them up. to me that's the true meaning, the complete meaning of being pro-life. we need to be pro-life, we know have people reach their greatest
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and fullest god given potential. the education system in this country and the way it's operating now it's not working. it's not working most particularly for our least fortunate in our cities across this country, we have children everyday falling further and further behind because we have an educational system that cares more about the comfort of adults than they care about the potential of children. we need to be fighting that fight as well. as a derivative of us believing that life is precious. whether you're a child who sits in a classroom in newark, new jersey or in my hometown, you deserve a great education. we need to have more charter schools. we need to have vouchers for our family regardless of their status to mp)q a choice for their child. we need to hold teachers to the
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highest standards and reward the great ones and fire the bad ones. we need to make our first priority the god given potential each and every one of those children sitting in that classroom. in america, we're not doing that today. because our leaders are in the throws of the influence of the special education interests in this country who are well funded and aggressive and protecting their turf. their turf. it's not just their turf, it's their turf too. it's the turf our chr&dren learn and grow and develop in. we need to do much better than what we're doing. our country needs to do more because every child has the
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right to reach his or her full potential. it's our obligation as leaders in this society to speak out fr them. leadership is also about making sure that our friends know who our friends are, that our adversaries know who they are as well. we are seeing now all across this world that this administration pulling back of american influence and american ideas around the world is having catastrophic effects in every corner of the globe. that's not anything more than a failure of the american leader. speak clearly, profoundly and
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inspirationally about what america's role is. whether in syria and they're not enforcing it, hurting america's credibility and allowing the russian leader to fill the vacuum of leadership in way that will not be good for the world. then watching how that movement moves from syria, our lack of engagement to causing the issues that cause in iraq. whether it's the nuclear program in iran or north korea. all of these things are happening in my opinion because of a lack of clarity and principle in american leadership in the statement of who we are. worst of all, you have sitting in the midst of this, the beacon of hope and democracy and respect for human rights. in that section of the world, the state of israel who now feels at risk because they are
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no longer convinced that america is their friends because of the action of this administration. that's wrong. israel is our friend. we need to stand up for it and fight for it. you know, i'm accused of lots of different things i'm called lots of different names. indirect has never been one of them. the fact is, that leadership is and what you stand for and speaking it directly, loudly and understandably so that not only your supporters know who you are, but people who are against you know who you are too and have respect where you stand and
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where you stand is where you're willing to fight. that's what we need to do more of in this country. ironically, everybody, that's what creates opportunity for principle compromise. you do not enter principle compromise with someone you believe don't have principle. if you have nothing to fear, you think you will get exactly what you want. the fact is, this is all about getting us to a point where our government works once again. that it works for the people who pay the bills. it works for the people who raise our families. it works for the people who run our volunteer organizations. in new jersey, when i say we watch rehabilitation for everyone who needs it, that means from everyone who provides it. the government, private
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organizations, faith based organizations. all of whom have a role to play and in trying to make our government our society work again. none of these things are easy but they're all completely within our grasp. if we're willing to stand up and fight and lead again. i know living in the state i live in, that if it's possible there -- goodness sake it's possible anywhere -- it's possible anywhere if it's possible in new jersey. it's not easy to do in a state like mine but we're doing it. we're fighting everyday to make it happen. i want to end with this. we wouldn't be here today if the leaders help to build this country. the everyday people and those who put themselves in leadership
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before. i want us to think about what our responsibility is as we move forward to be a part of this change. i know i'm preaching to the choir today, if you're here, you're involved and you care. i want ÷o remind you about what our founding fathers said near the end of his life. john adams our second president, one of the authors of declaration of independence said this near the end of his life. concern about the country he had helped found near its 50th anniversary. john adams said, i hope you understand all that we have sacrificed in order to secure for you your liberty. i pray you will make a good use of it. if you do not, i shower pen to heaven for having made the sacrifice at all.
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the sacrifice is made by folks like washington and adams and jefferson and hamilton. pail in comparison to what i'm asking you to be involved in today. we do not want to be the first generation who breaks that most solemn of american commitments. that is to lead this place better for the next generation that is left for us. let us not be part of the generation that make adams repent in heaven. if that's a fight you're willing to engage in, it's a fight i'm willing to engage in. thank you for having me today. thank you for what you do. >> the white house is hosting a working family summit tomorrow. focusing on the challenges of working parents. we'll bring you the event throughout the day on c-span 3 start act 9:00 a.m. eastern with opening remarks by vice president biden and his wife
7:59 pm
jill. then live at 1:40 p.m., we'll hear from president obama. at 5:30 closing remarks from first lady michelle obama. all tomorrow live on c-span 3. >> strickland heads the national communication and administration. he talk about the oversight of internet domain names shifting from government control to one supervised to a stakeholder. >> the clinton administration wanted to move it out of@át federal government and private it. what we announced in march was the completion what started in 1998. >> monday night at 8:00 a.m. on the communicators on c-span 2. >> tonight on c-span, "q&a" with investigative reporter sharyl
8:00 pm
atkisson. after that prime minster questions. after that a look at muslim group who make up the population in iraq. >> this week on "q&a" our guest is emmy award winning sharyl atkisson. who discusses her career state of the media and her future plans. she left cñs news after more than 20 years with the network. >> sharyl atkisson, one of the cbs reporters. we talked five years ago. now you're three months passed being with cbs. tell uj why you left. >> primarily because i just wasn't a market for what i think i do best after i was doing, which is good investigative reporting preferably


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